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Småland Timber has had its own business system in the past. Daniel Martinsson is the man behind that system. Daniel is responsible for finance and IT. "We started looking for a new system when the technology in our own system started to feel old and the demands for further development increased," says Daniel. "TimberBase emerged as the best alternative with modern technology, ease of use and high functionality".

Småland Timber

Småland Timber is a family-owned wood industry company in Rydaholm in Småland. The business includes the purchase of raw materials, the production of sawn and planed products as well as further processing in the form of special packaging and other components. Contract tasks such as cutting and planing are also carried out. More recently, investments have been made in pellet production and in the planer. The company addresses both the Swedish and the international market.

Start-up in the new platform

Småland Timber chose to start with the new platform, which we call TimberBase Online. "We saw great potential in the new environment," says Daniel. "We have had good opportunities to influence development. It is also clear that the new technology allows updates to be made quickly. The start-up has gone well.”


Småland Timber had a strong desire to be able to use hand scanners to load packages. The responsive technology in TimberBase means that the content on the screen adapts to the size. A handheld scanner is a complete device with a built-in web browser. This means that TimberBase runs directly in the hand scanner. No special programs adapted for scanners are needed.

Powerful scanner

Småland Timber has chosen a powerful scanner that can read the package's barcode from a long distance (15-20m) and even through the glass window of the truck. It works great.

Experiences so far

"The start-up has worked well with support from TimberIT. A positive surprise was the case management portal. Smooth and at the same time good control so you don't forget things," says Daniel. "We have also realized that TimberBase is very complete and flexible with more functionality than we perhaps realized from the beginning. It is a system to grow in. Even our customers have noted that we have a new system. They appreciate the ability to receive packing slips as XML messages.”

"We will step by step expand the use with production planning and handling of stick packages from the raw sorting. We are also curious to penetrate deeper into the analysis part of the system," concludes Daniel.

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