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Timber IT

TimberIT addresses the wood industry, in Sweden and internationally. We have a unique competence that gives us good conditions to develop further. Our own know-how is supplemented by an extensive network of specialists and not least through the dialogue with our customers. Our main driving force is to manage and further develop TimberBase. We want to use the latest technology and ideas from different directions to constantly improve the system. We understand the importance of managing a system. Effective procedures for support and software updates are a prerequisite. We have that.

About Johan, Partner

Johan has a background as a developer of IT systems, mostly in the forest industry. A GPS-based system for managing woodyard inventory (and timber inventory) was one of the first systems. He has since continued his career mainly in IT for the forest industry. Johan has had overall responsibility for timber procurement systems and specializes in integration, an area where he has extensive experience and deep knowledge. He also has experience as an IT consultant in completely different industries. It has provided an extensive network and impulses from various quarters in terms of new technology. We get a wider coverage of the world around us.

About Gunnar, Partner

Gunnar has a background as a researcher in the forest industry with a focus on optimization methods. This is followed by a long career in industry and in IT companies with a focus on the international forest industry. He has had various roles, including as a company leader and management consultant. Gunnar was the initiator of the development of the original TimberBase. He has also participated in a large EU project for traceability in the wood value chain. It is an experience that we try to take into account in the development of TimberBase.

A state-of-the-art system with a long history


TimberBase is developed for Stora Timber and Södra Timber by TimberSoft AB


AssiDomän (now Setra) and SCA Timber install TimberBase


Several smaller customers in Sweden and Finland run Timberbase


Tieto acquires TimberSoft AB


Setra and Södra Timber further develop TimberBase in-house


TimberIT AB acquires the rights to TimberBase


TimberIT is developing a cloud-based version of TimberBase

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Common questions & answers

  • Does the system work with tablet and phone?

    Yes, a web browser and Internet connection is all that is required. Most parts are responsive, i.e. the content on the screen automatically adapts to the screen size

  • How do I know that the information is stored securely?

    We use a reputable company for the entire operating service. They are responsible for accessibility and security. Backups are taken every day.

  • Is there any additional software needed in the PC?

    No! TimberBase is a true cloud-based system. The entire system is accessible through the browser.

  • Can you use a Mac?

    Yes, we have several customers who use Apple devices

  • Does TimberBase include log management?

    Yes, it can be easily defined in the system. Raw material is its own product group with its own stock location

  • Can you handle by-products or biofuel?

    Ja, vi talar om kvantitetsprodukter där man endast anger en kvantitet i valfri enhet vid försäljning och leverns

  • How do you become a customer?

    By reporting interest in TimberBase to us. We submit a business proposal where TimberBase is offered as a service according to a price list. We have elaborate plans for implementation. It is quickly possible to set up a database that is automatically filled with basic data.