New opportunities for digitization - collaboration between TimberIT and Timber Exchange

15 February, 2023



TimberIT and Timber Exchange have started a collaboration. The goal is to create business value for the timber industry by integrating TimberBase with the supply chain automation platform offered by Timber Exchange.

The collaboration also means that TimberIT gets the opportunity to use development resources that Timber Exchange disposes of.

Timber Exchange

Timber Exchange is a partner that helps remove the biggest bottlenecks facing the global forest industry. This is done through automation, outsourcing and by providing market data. Timber Exchange offers a complement to ERP systems to automate export sales, logistics and document management. The company also offers shipping document outsourcing and a Bloomberg-inspired market data hub that tracks production, inventory, consumption and price trends in key global markets on a monthly basis. The technology behind Timber Exchange is very modern and the platform is cloud-based just like TimberBase.

The Timber Exchange platform includes tools for export/import, logistics, documentation, tracking, monitoring, analysis, security and integration. Also included is a marketplace for the sale and purchase of wood products as well as access to market data, analyzes and statistics.

Timber Exchange is linked with a variety of partners and providers of additional services such as cargo tracking, freight, insurance services and more.

The people behind the company have extensive experience in international trade in wood products.

Read more about Timber Exchange at

What does the collaboration mean for our customers and for us?

  • Our customers get an opportunity to take further steps in digitization through a smooth connection between TimberBase and Timber Exchange.
  • Through the collaboration with Timber Exchange, we show that you can create added value by connecting TimberBase with other systems. Cloud technology and our integration solution with open web APIs make things very easy.
  • The collaboration with Timber Exchange also means that we get an extended contact surface, both in Sweden and internationally. We will receive new impulses and ideas for further development of TimberBase and for collaboration with Timber Exchange.
  • Another part of the collaboration concerns the development resources that Timber Exchange uses. Through the work of integrating the systems, those people already have some knowledge of TimberBase. We have the opportunity to use these resources if necessary.

We look forward to our future collaboration with Timber Exchange.

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