New website!

13 October, 2022


Johan and Gunnar

Welcome to the new website! We hope that it will give a clear and good picture of TimberIT as a company and of our business system TimberBase.

Quick and easy dispatch

We continue to work on refining TimberBase. One part that we have concentrated on in recent times is dispatch. We have made an effort to make it as easy as possible to dispatch packages. Any type of device can be used (computer, tablet, mobile phone, handheld scanner with screen). A couple of examples of scanners are shown below. It is thus a "rugged" computer or mobile phone with a screen and a built-in scanner. Usually it is connected to a wireless network or via 4G. So no limitation if the network is not within range. It is also possible, instead of scanning, to select packages in a list, also very easy.

TimberBase provides support so that the entire dispatch process runs as smoothly as possible but with full control that it is done correctly and that the customer's requirements are met.

" We are continuing to refine TimberBase"

Technology upgrade

We continue with upgrading to newer technology. Central parts of TimberBase are now in the new platform. One of the advantages is responsiveness, i.e. that the content on the screen is adapted to the screen size. The loading is done with the new platform.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you want to know more.

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Loading with a scanner at Hedlunds Timber

"We use scanners to blip packages when we build loads," says Thomas.


Ekeryds Trä new TimberBase customer!

Ekeryds Trä ny TimberBase-kund


Jutos Timber chooses ForestBase

Jutos Timber chooses ForestBase